Manual Handling Training

Springwood Heath Outreach Service recognises that owing to the nature of the work undertaken by many staff within schools and early year’s settings some employees may be exposed to the risk of injury due to moving and handling of children and young people.

It is the responsibility of settings to provide and maintain for its employees’ safe and healthy working conditions, reduce and review risks, a safe working environment, safe use of equipment and safe systems of work, as far as is reasonably practicable whilst at work.

Unfortunately for some children with disabilities/physical impairments and pupils following accidents, the risks involved in manual handling equates to certain activity exclusion, but should this be the case? With the correct training equipment, selected children should not be disadvantaged and should ideally be included rather than excluded from certain activities.

The fear of moving and lack of training  can result in a child being left In-situ, the desire to protect staff and children during transfers can sometimes not cater to a child’s needs and can emphasise a difference between the able and disabled.
Springwood Heath Outreach Service has a team of 3 staff who have been trained by Centaur Training Limited they provide initial and refresher training. Each member of the team has received a certificate stating they are able to deliver moving and handling training. They receive continuous assessments on a six monthly basis to ensure the appropriate levels of knowledge and skill is maintained.

 We aim to fulfil the requirements of Manual handling Regulations 1992 & 2002 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, although it is not possible to eliminate all manual handling we recognise correct handling techniques will lessen the chances of injury occurring to your staff.

We believe that moving and handling of children within the school and early years setting requires a bespoke approach to meet specific school scenarios during assessment and who best to deliver this service than a School Outreach Service.


St Austin’s Primary School, Liverpool:

"As many of our requests are to access risk assessments for children with temporary physical needs who need safe access in and around our school – I feel this is an invaluable service. Springwood Heath are named in our Safeguarding Policy, advice/reports written on safe protocols to support our pupils’. (3/5/17)

Monksdown Primary Liverpool:

"Help to move a person while keeping myself safe and make them feel comfortable. Great delivery by the ladies’. I will need ongoing support as the child gets older."

Gwladys Street, Liverpool:

"Excellent and useful day and feel confident in asking for any additional support"

"Thank you. I am leaving feeling confident in the work I need to do"

Princes Primary Special School, Liverpool:

"Overall brilliant course run by brilliant trainers"

Notre Dame Liverpool

"Fantastic day very useful training with fantastic tutors and venue"

"invaluable information and training really well delivered"

"A very informative course, enjoyed the day"

​​​Springwood Heath

Outreach Service