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For children who struggle to form letters, who tire easily or who have limited motor control,

computer maybe their only way of getting their thoughts onto paper.

There is now a wide range of software and equipment available as alternatives to using the traditional keyboard

and mouse which can suit learners with varying physical disabilities.

This type of technology includes:

Switches and scanning systems.
Tracker balls and Joysticks.
Keyboard/mouse accessibility and Keyboards
Predictive word processors

Ultimately, the choice lies in the child’s individual requirements and their ability to feel comfortable with technology.
Springwood Heath Outreach Service has extensive experience of addressing the ICT needs of children through their work with many Liverpool schools and through their training with ACE Centre North West.

The Assessment:

The ICT assessment will involve a number of stages to enable us to find the best possible solution for the child and their environment.

Completion of an ICT referral form.
Information gathering prior to assessment. This includes evaluation of the information provided and discussion with those supporting the child.
Observation of the child’s present work.
Demonstration & exploration of possible solutions. This may involve hardware, software, high and low tech solutions.

Post Assessment Report:

This report will give detail on the individual, the assessment process, the solutions explored and a list of recommendations (with costs and sourcing for any equipment recommended). It will also include strategies for support and will outline what is necessary to ensure successful implementations. This could include targets that could be linked to the children’s progress plan (IEP) if requested.   

Post Assessment Visit:

Springwood Heath Outreach Service offers a review of provision approximately twice a year, after the equipment has been received and installed for the child to use. This involves looking at how the child is using the equipment and software. Any adjustments of equipment and additional strategies suggested for maximising the potential use of ICT to support the child’s learning and progress.

Loan Service:

We offer a FREE loan service following any assessment for 6 weeks of adapted keyboards, angle raises, low tech solutions e.g. switches, joysticks.

ICT Assistive Technology Assessments