​​​​Supporting Positive Behaviour

We are able to offer training to all staff in a Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy – Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention – PROACT-SCIPr-UK® for short. Our training is delivered by a qualified PROACT-SCIPr-UK® instructor. Training is an important part of staff being able to support children effectively those who can demonstrate challenging behaviours. Staff will be trained in new skills empowering them to support positive behaviour approaches.

This training has a strong emphasis on ethical, person-centred working, whole approach to help support and manage positive behaviour strategies. It is delivered on the basis that ‘all children may at some point display behaviours of concern. They should be supported in a positive and non-judgemental way’. The principle of Supporting Positive Behaviour is person-centred planning, increase inclusion and participation and identifying barriers to learning. 

Speech and Language

We have a qualified Speech & Language Therapist within our team, who is able to deliver  Elkan Training also carry out an assessment of a child`s Attention, Listening, use of blank levels, understanding spoken language, pre intentional communication and support the school in developing Total Communication.

Fine and Gross Motor Assessment
We are a team of 3 who will carry out a full assessment looking at Visual Perception, Fine Motor, Eye Coordination, Kinaesthesia,  Bilateral / left / right, Tonic Neck Reflexes, Balance / Hop  & Jumping. We offer strategies with ongoing support within the areas of the child`s identified difficulties. We are able to loan equipment for a period of time.

ICT Assistive Technology Assessments

We are a team of 2 who will assess / investigate the use of ICT for students to support the recording of work Initially we look at their access methods and positioning and will trial a range of equipment and software. We are able to loan pieces of equipment i.e. Jumbo LX Keyboard Mini Mouse & Keyboard, angled rest with Dycem mat and software for a period of 4 weeks.

​Risk Assessment

We are a team of 4 who can carry out a Risk Assessment

to support children who have physical, medical needs and accidental 

injuries i.e.  broken leg. We will highlight potential risks within the

school building, grounds, play equipment etc. A full report will be given to

the school to highlight the level of risk. We are also available to carry out risk assessments for residential and school trips. 

We will also support the school to produce their Accessibility plan.

MiDAS Minibus Driver Training

We have 2 qualified trainers. Who can offer MiDAS training. This is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme; it is a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers. It has been designed to enhance minibus driving standards, promote the safer operation of minibuses and to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of drivers. Certificates issued are valid for 4 years

​​​Springwood Heath

Outreach Service

Manual Handling

We have 3 Centaur Manual Handling trainers, who offer a bespoke  service to meet the needs of the children and staff within a  setting.  Staff Training is also given in safer moving and handling of children and objects, these can be carried out as a full days training for an individual / staff training days for all staff. Monitoring visits will also be made following the training. This will support the school`s compliance with the legislation regarding Safer Manual; Handling.